Knitting Section:
We have a well set up fabric knitting section of 20 machines of renowned brands. We believe that good quality fabric is the core of good quality finished garment. So, we use ultra modern knitting machines which produce both 100% Cotton and Cotton / Spandex blend single jersey and rib fabrics. For good quality fabric we always use good quality yarn and spandex. Per day capacity is 5000 kgs.

CAD & Pattern Section:
The first stage in the production process is to prepare pattern to develop the product. We have GT CAD software, version – 2012. Pattern and Marker computer system is Easy Pattern. This software support Gerber, Lectra, Investronica, Optitex, Tuka CAD. Also supports DXF, IBA, VET, MDL, HPGL and HPGL2 file formats. We have one Digitizer and one Plotter (Ioline of USA).

Sample Section:
Sample section is very important for any apparel manufacturing company. We have a very well organized sample section of almost 50 skilled manpower. Following buyers’ instruction, all samples are developed here for approval purpose. We have several dummies to fit the samples and all records are kept with strong confidentiality.

Ware House:
We have an organized ware house to keep all the raw materials. Different zones and racks are allocated to keep fabrics and other trims and accessories for different customers. Rack wise bin card is maintained and proper inventory is kept. The total ware house is free of electric connection for fire safety issue.