Loyal Apparels Limited is very cautious regarding the fire safety issue. To save human life as well as company assets is similarly important to us. And for this reason ultra modern fire equipments and multi layered fire fighting and protection system has been installed in the facility. Following local Fire Service and Civil Defense Rules, National Building Code as well as Customers’ requirements, we have established our fire safety policy and set up full system. Regular fire training by in house and outside trainers, fire evacuation drill are arranged to teach the workers regarding the fire safety issues and to grow their confidence to fight against fire. Hydrant system, Sprinkler system, Push Bar door, barred windows, hard wear interconnected smoke and fire alarm are installed along with sufficient q’ty of fire extinguishers, hose pipe, visual fire alarm, PA system and other related fire fighting equipments are available to the facility to fight against fire. Fire emergency evacuation plan is posted in every entry / exit points in local language for the easy understanding of the employees. We have three wide enough staircases and fully free and open roof top. A fire control room has been set up to take quick action is case of fire.